Yes Your Cousin Can Increase Your Online Presence, but….

There is a reason there are people who specialize in social media and search engine marketing like myself. Yes, your cousin is young and has a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr account and can, in theory, increase your online presence. By that, I mean they can post to the account they helped you create and post articles and pictures for you a few times a week.

That’s all it takes, right? Customers just want you to blast your message to them a few times a week and then they will come beating down your door? You know that’s not true. You know you hate it when other brands do the same to you. People like sharing their opinions and they like engaging with brands.

Take this a step further. Is your cousin going to actively seek other business partnerships in your area and strategically place your brand in a place to get recognition for those efforts? Will your cousin actively engage potential clients for you? This is why you should have a social media strategist on your payroll is so important. You may not be able to hire someone full-time but having someone consult with you about best practices and strategies can go a long way.

Or, quite honestly, you can choose to be an expert. You can decide that in addition to running your business you also would like to become an expert social media manager or community collaborator. That’s not a bad way to spend your time because no social media expert will understand or convey your brand better than you can but your time is probably better spent in your area of expertise.

In my next blog post, I’m going to take this thought process even further and show you why having someone who understands search engine optimization and marketing in addition to social media strategy can be the ultimate whammy when you want to get a leg up on your competitors and get the highest return from you online advertising dollars.

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