analytics jacksonvilleAnalytics Are a Gold Mine!

Okay, maybe just for nerds like me but where else can you tap into what your customers are doing and want to do without even asking? Have you ever thought of it that way? Your business puts up a site then you wonder why someone isn’t picking up the phone to call you. Or maybe you want to¬† know why they aren’t buying the newest, greatest thing you built an e-commerce site to sell them.

Well, by looking at what potential customers are actually doing on your website, you can get a lot of useful information, that, if used correctly, can translate to money in your pocket!

I can’t count the number of times I ask to see someone’s analytics information and they look at me like I asked to see their underwear. I mean, hell, you’re on Facebook, I’ve probably seen you in your underwear passed out somewhere, right? This is way less personal but for some reason, it seems like prized information to share. Well, in that regard, I agree with you! It is prized information but only if it leads to action! Yes, that’s right, once you see what the data is telling you, you actually might have to change something. Scary, right? I mean you have this beautiful site set up and launched it, who wants to change it?

Let me put it this way: do you want to make more money? Get more email sign-ups? Get more donations for a cause?

Let me give you a few tips on what to look for on your website analytics. Oh, and if you don’t have analytics installed, do it. Like now. Well, not right now. Finish reading this and then go install them. Don’t know how? YouTube it! I don’t know everything but Google does. If you have a pretty standard site, Google analtyics is more than you need. I will say you should use that over the analytics information your Wix or WordPress site is providing. You need a little more than what they give you.

#1 Rule: Look for Trends! This doesn’t have to be rocket science. Friday you see your visits increased by 50 people Um… hello. Sounds relevant, right? Well, your job is to find out why and KEEP DOING IT! That whole wash, rinse, repeat thing? Yea!
Bounce rate: How many people came to your site and left immediately? Bounced. You ultimately want that to be under 40%. Lower is better. If people are bouncing, they are not finding what they expected to find OR you are not providing valuable content. You have 7-20 seconds to make an impression. Make it good!
Traffic Sources: Where is your traffic coming from? Referrals will probably be social media sites or other places your site is listed. Say a directory or something. Direct is when someone types in your site right into their address bar. Once you see where they are coming from, see which ones have the following things going on:
  1. Lowest bounce rate
  2. Longest time on site (or page)
  3. Most pages visited
  4. New visits
That means whatever you are doing from that is working. If all those numbers are horrible, focus on small tweaks and monitor for improvement.
Again, this is about overall trend so if you had a bounce rate of 53% in March and it’s 50% in April. It’s going down so that’s good! Keep it up!
If you notice your site traffic drops and you are no longer attracting unique visitors, think about ways to get new, relevant customers to your site.
It’s really easy to create a monthly report, export it and store it in a folder for comparison. You can also, in the Date Range box, compare this month to last month and Google will show you right there how things changed and give you percentages and everything.
Any other questions? Ask me! There are plenty of things you can monitor if you are selling online. You can readily study your sales funnel, see where customers are dropping off and re-engage!

Use Your Data!