What Do You See?

Is Your Brand Telling People You Can Run When All You’re Trying To Do is Dance?

This blog post is a bit reflective but if you hang with me; I will tie it to some observations of businesses or brands.

Some of my readers may not know my journey over the last 10.5 months. Yes, some things in life you break down into very interesting increments, lol. I have lost almost 93 lbs. I went from being sedentary to working out 5x/week. I cut carbs, upped water and upped protein. That being said, my exercise has been primarily running. I started 6 months ago and Saturday I completed the Gate River Run in 1:48:44. Less than 12/minute mile average. Woot!

However, I do not consider myself a runner. I run. Like the verb not the noun. Sometimes when I brought up my preparation for the Gate, the response I got from people was “I’m not a runner” and I always said back, “I’m not a runner, either!”

I started running because it was a measurable goal. I used the Couch 2 5K app and it was broken up into little segments. I was able to run my first 5K in October of 2012. I ran two more before the end of 2012 and, you know what? I kept improving! brand managment jacksonville

If you were to ask me what I ‘am’ I would tell you a mom, a wife, coffee addict, grad student and Internet addict, right? Oh yea and wino. That’s what all my write-ups say so it must be true! I love to dance also. I love Zumba but how do you quantify that? I mean I’m a total white girl but I was a drummer in a former life so I can count out dance moves. I’d sooner call myself a dancer than a runner yet I have no medal for dancing…

Let me tie this to business before I lose all of you: when’s the last time you evaluated how you see yourself vs. how your potential customers see you? I mean, truly. On the outside is everyone identifying your brand as a “runner” when you really feel you meet the characteristics of a “dancer”?

Think of how this can lead to confusion with your branding, your messaging and your conversions. It’s okay if you can make as much profit by being a runner or a dancer but most times it’s totally different market segments. Just because you’ve gone down a path with your business doesn’t mean you stop taking the time to clarify. You must keep tweaking and showing “you” to your potential customers. This is in everything your brand does.

So, tell me, what do people see when they see your brand? Oh and if you’re not sure, ask! Get feedback!

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