Three Inches Part III – Life

With this final post, I wanted to reflect a bit about what a difference three inches can make in your life.

Some of you may or may not know this but I’ve lost 90lbs over the last 9 months so inches have been a huge part of that process. My whole life I thought I was 5’2″ tall. Around Thanksgiving, I measured myself and found out I was 1.5″ taller than I thought. Now, that’s not three inches but bear with me. That small amount totally changes my BMI and how much closer I am to having a normal BMI.

So, let’s talk about your waistline for a moment. How much of a difference would three inches make? Would it put you within a normal body fat percentage? Would people treat you differently at your workplace? The truth is, it might. Overweight people are often passed up for promotions. It’s sad, illegal, and true.

What if you were three inches taller? My husband is short also. Below average height for a male. Had he been three inches taller, he would be average height. There have been numerous studies that taller people make more money because there is an association of competence.  How much of a financial impact would this have made over the course of his life?

So, what difference does three inches make in your life?



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  • Marcie says:

    Interesting! It is true about taller and better looking people being perceived as more competent. However, it isn’t illegal (at least not in most states, including Florida) to discriminate against someone because of weight. It isn’t a protected class. Still terrible practice though!

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