Three Inches Part I

Last weekend, I cut three inches off my hair. Not a huge change, but enough for me to go from long hair to shoulder length hair. It got me thinking, though, what does three inches mean? Where else does that number come into play in my life? Well, for one, I cannot become a military pilot because of three inches. That’s how much I missed the height cut off. No flying for me 🙁
However, I want to apply this to a few Internet marketing principles. This first part will focus on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) and how just three inches can make a lot of difference in your click through rate.

It’s common knowledge over 50% of search traffic comes from mobile phones. You know you do it. I do it. So, when people are looking at their phones, think about what a difference three inches makes. That’s half the screen size on your average phone. If someone is searching for your good or service, will you be seen?

Most of what is seen on a phone screen if you Google something are the paid ads. For example, what if you had a fight with your significant other and needed to pick up some flowers on the way home from work. You might see something like this:
PPC Jacksonville

So, as a small business or service, can you see if you’re not in the first three inches of a mobile search, it’s hard to be found? We operate on the principle that the average consumer is lazy. They don’t like to scroll. If what is in front of them meets their needs, that’s where they’re going.

You notice it’s the paid ads that show up in the first three inches! It will be followed by the local listings! Then, finally the organic search results. So, maybe your organic rankings are killing it! For your business, though, you may need to consider some PPC to capture your mobile customers. You *can* specify only mobile ads for Adwords if you don’t think you need ads otherwise! Just a thought!

For  your SEO, the difference in being up three inches can be the difference in receiving 30% more clicks! How would that change your business? Assuming once your potential customers get to the site, you are able to convert them. More on that in Part II.

So, what three inches make a difference in your life?


Three Inches of SEO & PPC

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