Read Less, Apply More

How amazing is the Internet? We have the ability to find anything we want, on any subject, in a matter of seconds. Jump forward to your email. How many gurus, ninjas and masters’ blog RSS feeds  for your  personal or business growth and development?

If you’re anything like me, I’m a virtual hoarder. I email, tweet and categorize all these intriguing articles I am going to read and apply to my life.
Right… just as soon as I do the other 100 things on my to-do list and microwave some chicken nuggets for my son’s dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having access to all the “quality content” the web is providing to me but in the new year I am vowing to read less and apply more. I feel like my brain is so inundated with great ideas that it’s all I can do to digest them yet to bring them to full application is a whole other beast. I’m going to be picky, dangit! I am going to screen some of this incoming media to control the overload I’m feeling (and I’m sure you’re feeling too.)

Yes, I want to know everything about everything but I know as a logical truth if I get really good at one thing,  I will be more effective than trying to stretch my brain capacity so thin. Here is where I propose:   we, yes I’m pulling you into this as a collective super power, read less and apply more.

Be picky about what information enters our brains. Implement a screening process of sorts where we determine before we read the article if you are truly committed to applying what we could learn in the article. Maybe the article ends up sucking. Then we choose a better article next time. However, if we read and love the article, take time to absorb and apply.

Who’s in?

Tiffany McDonald Jacksonville

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  • Jesse Seidule says:

    It’s a shame that I’m the first to comment. This is off topic, but it literally takes only seconds to show support for the people you know. Anywho, I support being picky about your stories. There’s so much on the internet (and television) that’s not quite news. Then there’s the best stories that get the least attention. Being the filter between that will be a tough job, but someone must do that!

    • timcdbr says:

      haha! Being that I posted it at like 1am. I appreciate your devotion! Let me know how I can support you in the future!

  • remiah says:

    Im in!!! I agree, we do have content overload. I find that im at my best when I consume content then apply it right away. Otherwise its just a bunch of info that gets you all excited for the moment, then its lost in the corners of your mind somewhere.

    Great article Tiffany!

    • timcdbr says:

      Thanks! It’s tough. And you’re right. I do get super excited in the moment and then fail to carry out. I’m going to do better this year!

  • Not broken; don’t fix it.

    I’m sure in all of your interweb browsings you’ve seen the tl;dr.

    That little collection of symbols and letters stand for more than, “Too long; didn’t read” Basically, they express the feelings of all of us (us meaning you’re included) that feel the unrelenting pressure to process all of the information in front of us at any given moment.

    Oh yeah… The last part is to help you out, but I told you that I would review after ‘dinner’. Based on my comment above, the title of this article would reached a more target audience with the use of a semicolon. Why? Well, the young interweb browsing people are obviously already on Google’s game: the more searches for you, the higher you go.

    Well, Tif, other than TL;DR, how many useful examples of an often misunderstood and misused piece of english, grammatical suave do you see? Exactly.

    Subjects are understood. End of rant.

    Read less; Apply more.


  • patty says:

    2013 was to be my year to learn and change. Three months in and I am overwhelmed with the amount of “quality content” I have collected. I am sure everyone still has awesome stuff to share that would help me but I just came to the exact conclusion you address here. Thanks for posting this link on Sean Voslers FB page.

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Patty! Just remember to think about how far you’ve come. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak. I’m sure you’ve made progress!

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