Well, things have changed quite a bit over the last 6 weeks. To start, my beautiful son is now devoid of tonsils, adenoids and now has a new set of tubes.

That was quite an adventures. Your child going through surgery is never a pleasant experience. I was sure when he woke up from anesthesia; he wouldn’t be that kid you hear screaming and freaking out because my son is rational and he understood what was happening. We would *totally* be able to reason with him when he woke up. We were *totally* wrong. I shouldn’t even say we because my husband wasn’t able to be there. Don’t get me wrong, he attended the surgery and was with me until we were approached by a police officer who asked if we were the owners of a new, black Hyundai Sonata. Well, crap. Yes, we’re the owners.

The police officer told us nothing was wrong but someone needed to go outside with him because someone had hit our car. Oh, um… okay. But our son. They will be calling us back any minute to take care of him. And they did. No sooner than my husband walked outside did I get called back to be there when he woke up.

Well he was neither excited to see me nor excited to wake up. He was terrified and screaming. Not that whining screaming; more like that ‘why did you let this happen to me scream.’ You parents know the one I’m talking about. The main problem was the pain. He seemed to be caught off guard with the level of pain he was experiencing. Of course the nurse was busy so it was a long time before he could get meds. It was truly heart-wrenching.

My husband came back and things calmed down a bit. Apparently a lady hit my car, attempted to park on the other side of the parking lot to not get caught. Basically, a hit and run. Outside of a surgery center! You know, where statistically there’s a good chance someone is dealing with a loved one having surgery! A good Samaritan saw what she did and waited an hour for the police to show up so he could point her out! After her not answering phone calls for 3 weeks; her insurance company finally deemed it her fault and we were able to get the damage repaired. Thanks to Key Hyundai for making it such a smooth transaction!

new adventures in home security jacksonville


That week, I also started a new, full-time job! What? I know, I know. I won’t be able to be found at Starbucks during the day. I actually think the baristas are forgetting who I am. Pity. I’m responsible for a creating branding, content and SEO for a national security company. So, of course, I’m learning a lot and having a great time. I have benefits and vacation time and hell, we even play darts when the Internet goes down! We used to play foosball but then the lawyer downstairs kept freaking out. How weird is that when they bring their yappy dogs into the office almost everyday. Oh well, what can you do?

So, of course, let me know if you need home automation or a security system. I’m your girl. I’m especially gaining interest in what home automation can do for seniors. The technology can help caregivers have additional peace of mind and turn off appliances frequently left on.

I’m still live tweeting and I have a new side client which is *really* cool. So, stay tuned for that! 2XUH9NGBX2PM 

What have you been up to for the last 6 weeks?