Live Tweeting

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting is a topic that needs its own page! That’s because it is the newest, hippest way to get your brand or event in front of a lot of local Jacksonville area folks who are going to love your product or service! Ok, who am I kidding? I can’t guarantee they will love what you have to offer but I can definitely help get the word out about it.

Live tweeting can happen a few different ways:live tweeting jacksonville

1) I can come to your event and be your brand. You know, because you’re busy making sure your event is a success so it’s hard for you to focus on tweeting, taking photos and engaging online while your event is going on. The reason this is important is because while you are having the event, you are creating massive amounts of wonderful content so you need to capture it.

2) I can come to your event and be me. I have a solid online presence and I’m pretty upbeat and some people like to hear what I have to say. Technically, I can do both me and your brand to help push followers to your brand if needed.

3) I have a lot of friends who like to tweet and I can bring them and we can create quite the buzz! Of course, the more consultants we bring, the more the price increases but all-in-all, live tweeting is a very affordable way to spread the love about your event.

Just send me a message if you’re curious about how the rest of the process works and we can brainstorm about the best ideas for your next big event in the Jacksonville area!


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