Okay, you have to be thinking, “Tiffany, what the heck are you talking about and what could this possibly have to do with what you do?”

Well, stay with me here. Follow along to the story and then, at the end, let me know if you were easily able to discover the tie in. 🙂

As you may or may not know, I was in the military. In the military, I met people from all over with different stories. I met different races, ethnicities and with a diverse set of backgrounds. Point being, if you’ve ever met me; you realize I *love* people. I will talk to just about anyone and I feel like I can relate to just about anyone!


Apparently, people who are bald have a lot of experience shaving their heads. I mean, who knew all the hair didn’t just fall out completely. Enter Navy friend. This friend shaved his head frequently and, once we discussed why his head was always so smooth and shiny; I realized how much value this conversation had to me as a woman. I mean, hell, I shave all kinds of things! This gentleman had tips I’d never heard before and I feel as women, we had been passing down this right of passage from generation to generation and yet had never mastered these techniques.

From explaining skin prep to the direction of shaving to how to “seal” the pores after shaving; I felt like I had been haphazardly hacking away at my body hair since age 13 as opposed to approaching the topic with the finesse and pride one would assume would have developed over the years.

This is the part where you’re like “okay, so, what does this have to do with anything? I’m glad you now have a smooth shave with no bumps. Yay, Tiff.” Here’s what’s amazing about this event. I learned something new that day. I learned something I would have never presumed a bald black man would display more mastery than I had. But…and stay with me, the reason this is so pivotal is because in order to learn a lesson such as this, you have to be open to it.

You have to be open to what new experiences you may encounter and have to look at everyone in your life as a potential opportunity to learn more. I feel like I’m that person. I love talking to people. With all my random background experiences I feel like I can talk to just about anyone. I am open to what they might teach me or what I might teach them. So, this week, don’t put barriers on what someone else might have to offer. Just. Be. Open.