If you must know, that is one of my least favorite expressions. Mostly because I’m not sure if growing “again” is something to be celebrated or mourned because it didn’t happen sooner. Okay, I’ll be honest. I have had some phenomenal interns who I feel I trained in a way I didn’t want to let them go. I imagine that’s not uncommon. I mean, when you invest in something, you hope to get to see it through until its pinnacle. However, life happens. Or, business waxes and wanes and as an entrepreneur you may never know your demand. In my case this demand comes in multiple forms. A mom primarily. Somewhere in the last two years I also realized a few things about myself.

First, I have a huge passion for disaster relief. Since Katrina, many natural disasters have traumatized my hometown, my current city and the south. I feel I have watched the internet evolve to a point where it’s the most reliable method of saving lives and communication during dire times. I hope to continue to be constructive in the evolution of helping others during these disasters moving forward no matter what path my life takes. Second, I really truly, ultimately don’t think I’m designed to work for corporate america. I’m pretty self-aware and I’ve tried numerous times but I just do better with my own creativity as my guide. Sure, I make mistakes and I’m definitely not what anyone would describe as having a conventional take on what work is and can be in this day and age but I’m okay with that. I care deeply about those I help and value every opportunity life puts in my path. The last realization is that I need to surround myself with skilled professionals who offset my weaknesses and push the TMI Agency forward in a couple of different ways. With that, I want to welcome a few new members to the team. Yes, a few.

I will go in sequential order so no one is offended. FIRST and maybe probably best because she has dealt with me for MONTHS. Maybe just over 6 or 7 BUT STILL. Liz, my assistant, has been the bad ass driving force behind TMI Agency acquiring its credentials to do business with the various levels of government agencies. Furthermore, Liz has been personally responsible for holding me accountable to a schedule and attempting to organize my life. Okay, just kidding. She may have tried to totally hold me accountable but mostly it’s been guilt and consequence. We will get there. I mean, let’s be real, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And, uh…. how many times has Mr. President gone bankrupt? I’m still ahead of the curve. I’ll get there. Now, Liz isn’t a person to enjoy attention for all her wondrous assisting duties so there may be no more fanfare but when I request you to “email my assistant because she controls my calendar;” I’m not just making it up. Liz exists. I’m not just personally responding to you to be funny. I. Swear.

Next up I would like to recognize Sam Lee for agreeing to be my executive coach. Apparently that’s a fancy word for paying someone a lot of money to hold you accountable to greatness. In some cultures, these are known as wives. Well, I don’t have that luxury. I pay people to shove me to the greatness I always wanted but never could fathom. So, Sam is in IT and has this ability to make you do things totally outside your comfort zone. I think that’s what super successful people do. They pay men to make them do things their wives normally just nag them to do. However, it’s all about how you receive the message. Am I right? I mean this is Jacksonville. How many times have you read the same verse of the Bible but didn’t truly *hear* the message until you were ready. Okay, Sam, fine…. I will deliver speaking engagements to strangers to prove to myself I have credibility. Fine. So, yeah, welcome to the “team,” Mr. Lee. I’m not sure if being included in this work in progress is an achievement or you won’t let me tag you in this post.

Moving on… so, this woman. This magnificent woman of a marketing and clearly reproductive machine has somehow agreed to be my “intern” and to allow me to prime her to take over my marketing endeavors so I may focus full-time on government contracts. Kim Connelly is who I’m referring to. I was lucky enough to stumble into a conversation in a Facebook mommies’ group that allowed me to meet MANY fantastic women but Kim’s energy and, well, her ability to not really care if I ever completed a sentence spoke volumes. Kim has this insatiable desire to learn the interwebs in a way she has not been afforded since she has been procreating. However, she is as eager and hungry as any intern I’ve trained and, somehow, seemingly more well rested. Must be Thirsty Thursdays at Al’s. I guess if you’ve experienced that a newborn isn’t too bad.

Here’s the deal, guys… TMI has brought together some pretty ferocious minds to do a few things…. oh… it’s almost 1K words so I’ll have to tell you the master plan in another post or else I’m not maximizing my content BUT there are goals and people and strategerie in place. I will be 100% honest. I will never tell you to look at the *TMI* Facebook page for any sort of credibility. Why? Because I’m super good at making other people famous. I don’t have time to babysit my own page. Kim might. We shall see. If you have a question about marketing or advertising, just ask us! We’re super friendly and helpful and I love sharing my knowledge. Hell, I’ll even speak at your event. I can’t promise I won’t cuss but the Joe Berg class of 2018 survived me so I think you can too.

That’s it. I’m improving. We’re improving and we love it. If I had to summarize one thing I’m really super good at; here’s what it is: somehow my brain can listen to complex ideas and make it relatable to the average consumer.

You know why? You and I forget we ARE the average consumer. Think of what you do. Therein lies your answer. For the rest of the explanation just email my assistant and she’ll put you on my calendar. 😉