Five Quick Ways to Get Customer Reviews

5 Ways to Get Customer Reviews

Okay, Tiffany, so you say I need to get more reviews because it’s like my credit score…. so, how do I do that? Who has time for that? quick brand management jacksonvillequick brand management jacksonville

You’re right. It can be tougher than you thought to get someone to give you feedback on your business, especially when you know both of you have 1,000 other things to do. You may have noticed the people who typically do online ratings and reviews are either really excited about the product or service or had a really bad experience. Here are 5 of my top strategies to make it easy on you and your customer.

1) Incentivize a customer for providing a review for you. I *do not* mean pay someone to give you a good review. This is important! You can get banned very quickly by any review service by having an onslaught of 5-star reviews in a short period of time. You want to let your customer know you would appreciate their review and if they show you proof they did it, you will give them a discount on their next service. (way to get a repeat customer, also) Or, what if you offered a $5 Starbucks giftcard for someone who gives you a review. Stress that you are building your online reputation and you would appreciate their honest feedback. You may also let them know that if they had any issues with your service, you are willing to handle them now. This is just in case something went wrong and you don’t want to encourage them blasting you online without your knowledge. Make the offer valuable enough for them to want to do it.

2) Send an follow-up email asking for a review. This can be particularly effective as part of your ongoing marketing efforts. Maybe you know you have recently had a happy customer. Sending a follow-up email will keep you top of mind. However, make it easy for them. Provide the link to the place where you are looking to receive the review. My favorite right now is Facebook, Google Places and Yelp. However, if you are in a service-related industry, somewhere like Angie’s List might be ideal. (This may be combined with strategy 1)

3) Ask for a review before the customer leaves the store. I know you have a computer with Internet at your place of business. If you had a stellar experience and felt like you really jived with a customer, ask them to review you before they leave! They are already in a good mood from the awesome customer service you provided so capitalize on it. (This may be combined with strategy 1)

4) Send a hand-written note. WHAT?!? Hand-write what? Ok, this might not be ideal for everyone because you might have tens of customers a day but if you are in a niche where you have very one-to-one interactions, this could really impress your customer. Also, consider how you do the ask. Warm up the experience a bit and remind them what went on, make them smile and refresh their memory. Then make the ask. That’s just human nature. Evoke a positive memory then make your request. I wouldn’t exactly incentivize on a hand-written note. This might cheapen the experience but you will know how it went and what is appropriate. Just be sure to direct them where the review should be placed and give a little guidance if necessary.

5) Ask for a recommendation on Linkedin. Not an endorsement. Endorsements are quick and easy. Recommendations take more time and consideration. This is for those in professional industries and maybe not so much product-based. I love Linkedin. I believe in it. So, if you have done actual business with or helped a client off Linkedin, specifically ask them for an endorsement and tailor it to your experience with them. This will be great for others to see your industry-related experiences and customer service abilities.

Getting online ratings and reviews should become part of your overall marketing strategy. You need other to feel reassured before committing to doing business with you and this is the best way to do it!

Remember to strategically plan your requests. A barrage of sudden reviews when you have never had any before will have negative effects. It can flag the systems in place and ultimately get  you banned.

What other ways have you successfully gotten reviews from your customers?

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