Findability — It’s More Than Being *Found*

This was a post I had to write for my Web Usability course at Full Sail University.

I felt pretty strongly about the topic and thought you all could benefit from my perspective. Granted, it’s written on behalf of an Internet Marketing professional, so don’t get offended and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I feel a little more passionately about this than I realized. I apologize in advance if this appears anything like me being on a soap box.

I really enjoyed Walter’s interpretation and explanation of Findability. It went beyond the traditional view of SEO, which is quite the buzz word amongst small business owners right now. At least in my area. Granted, I tell everyone Jacksonville is about two years behind the rest of the civilized cities when it comes to Internet Marketing. The owners exclaim, “I want to be FOUND!”

They want to be found because of this new fangled thing called SEO and they think it will make them more money. It’s true. You come up higher in the search engines, you get more clicks but that’s where the rest of what you’re saying falls onto deaf ears…the part where you say “I can get them to your website, but whether they convert to paying customers is not just me.” That is where the team of experts Walter references becomes quite important. But let’s be quite honest, how many businesses have the budget to hire a team of experts? I mean I just found out there are actual UX certifications and I’ve been in the industry for nearly 4 years. Shame on me!

Point being, I absolutely agree with the theory of having a team of people work together to design every aspect of a business’ website. From the pretty to the being found. However, in my personal/professional opinion, it falls on us as Internet Marketers to play most of those roles to our clients. Maybe you will have a nice, corporate job with a team of people working with you but, most businesses are small businesses, all competing in the same market space. You have to be aware of these aspects yourself, whether you’re certified in it or not. Why? Because the success of any online campaign is all tied together and those metrics will fall back on your shoulders whether you speak up or not (you know, about the obnoxious bright orange logo not properly sized, you catch my drift).

I will not run a PPC campaign for any client whose website does not have basic SEO. Furthermore, if they aren’t willing to alter their site to have actual pages that will have someone perform a desired action, there’s no way I will take their money. Sure, maybe they can go hire an “Adwords in a box company” but I warn them.

It’s all tied together. And, most of the time, we are the one doing the tying.


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