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Here We Grow Again …

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If you must know, that is one of my least favorite expressions. Mostly because I’m not sure if growing “again” is something to be celebrated or mourned because it didn’t happen sooner. Okay, I’ll be honest. I have had some phenomenal interns who I feel I trained in a way I didn’t want to let […]

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Do I Have to Tweet ?!?

Some Thoughts on Twitter Best Practices Before You Even Create an Account: 1. Define your purpose on Twitter. What do you want to achieve? If you are on it “because xyz told you you should be,” it’s the wrong reason. 2. Decide on key influencers in your industry. Twitter Advanced Search feature can be helpful […]

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Are You a Content Creator or Critic?

Are You a  Content Creator or a Critic? So, as some of you may have heard, content creation is all the buzz in the marketing world right now; namely Internet marketing. I’m sure it’s always been a legitimate goal to create value through content you are providing to your clients whether it’s a brochure, a […]

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Combatting Productive Procrastination?

Do You Battle With Productive Procrastination? Do any of these situations sound familiar? It’s coming up on the end of the work week. You have a huge deadline looming over your head. You know if you finish this project, you will feel so much better and can have a great weekend. You just *know* if […]

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An Internet Marketing Consultant’s Guide to Cheap Coffee

An Internet Marketing Consultant’s Guide to Cheap Coffee – People ask if I work from home, I say no, I work from coffee shop! Some of you might notice I check into coffee shops a lot. A LOT. You probably think my monthly coffee bill is through the roof! Well, have I got a surprise […]

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