Are You Suffering from Social Solitude?

This resembles a conversation between my husband and I the first Friday of every month because we have a party to attend each first Friday.

Him: Are you going to start getting ready?

Me: I’m tired.

Him: Me too. Let’s skip it this month.

Me: But your mom says we need to get out and meet more people.

Him: We know plenty of people. I don’t want to get dressed.

Me: Me neither.

Then, we proceed to get into comfortable clothes, lay on the couch and tweet! or Facebook. or Instagram. or [insert your social network of choice]

The problem is we crave social interaction to some degree because we are interacting with people (ONLINE) but we don’t necessarily want the complication of getting dressed, people seeing us, reading social signals, not knowing how long everything could take. You know, because it’s not always appropriate to just get up and leave a social setting.

I mean there are all these rules. I mean what if you aren’t enjoying the conversation, you can’t just walk away. You can’t necessarily just turn off all access to the group without looking like a jackass. However, we can restrict online access by switching off chat or not responding. It seems like we have become a generation (at least some of us) who like to be able to control our social setting to the point we aren’t social anymore. We’d rather sit at home and interact with our friends than be face-to-face. I bet it was fairly recently you had to actually pick up the phone and call someone instead of text and you dreaded the whole experience.

I can’t lie, if a mom sends an invite to my son for a party and doesn’t include an email address or a text-friendly number, I immediately go to Twitter and complain. Who knows if I will RSVP. It becomes very willy nilly from that point. 🙂

Do you experience this in your own life? Am I the only socially isolated person out there? (please say no, please say no)


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  • Bridget Guidroz Pierce says:

    Yes Tiff you are right. It is so much easier to sit in front of a cpmputer with no make-up, pajamas if preferred and halfway watching T.V. or cooking. Just take a sec to disappear and come right back where you left off. I think I am socially lazy in this day and age. Talking on the phone is pretty obselete. LOL And yes I say no~~

  • Brittnie says:

    Well you felt up to have a face to face social event with me and I am so very happy you did!!
    But I totally get what you’re saying. I despise talking on the phone and I despise even more having to get all dressed and go somewhere and be sociable. I know it’s not healthy but it’s part of my comfort zone.

  • Rachal says:

    You are not alone. Often, I want to step away from the technology I work with and try to meet people face-to-face, but the process of doing this exhausts me. I’ve learned it’s all about balance. I try not to over schedule myself into too many things outside my responsibilities so when a networking or party comes up, I have the extra time and energy to go and socialize.

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