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Community First Saturday Event

Photo Booth Rental 1

Recently we partnered with the great people at Community First Credit Union for their monthly event “Community First Saturday“. They wanted to have something different at their booth that might spark some interest and give them a moment to talk with some of the people who were out enjoying the event. Come to find out, […]

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Yes Your Cousin Can Increase Your Online Presence, but….

There is a reason there are people who specialize in social media and search engine marketing like myself. Yes, your cousin is young and has a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr account and can, in theory, increase your online presence. By that, I mean they can post to the account they helped you create and post articles […]

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Are You Suffering from Social Solitude?

This resembles a conversation between my husband and I the first Friday of every month because we have a party to attend each first Friday. Him: Are you going to start getting ready? Me: I’m tired. Him: Me too. Let’s skip it this month. Me: But your mom says we need to get out and […]

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