Community First Saturday Event

Digital Photo Booth Rental 1Recently we partnered with the great people at Community First Credit Union for their monthly event “Community First Saturday“. They wanted to have something different at their booth that might spark some interest and give them a moment to talk with some of the people who were out enjoying the event. Come to find out, the Photo Booth, when put in the Social Media mode, was the perfect attraction.

With the use of some props (everyone loves a feather boa and crazy big sunglasses) and the perfect backdrop, the Main Street Bridge, they were able to see everything we have to offer. As you can see in the video below, we had several people stop by to have their picture taken. Each picture went out across their social media platform (the people in the photos) with the logo of the event, the hashtags of the event and the best part…everyone that posted a picture also “liked” Community First Credit Union’s Facebook page!

By the end of the event, over 14,484 people had seen the photos via social media, with their logo across it. By incorporating our Photo Booth, instead of going with a static banner somewhere, they were able to capture more Facebook likes, generate more of a buzz via social media, and they created a unique experience for their targeted audience. All of this happened in less than 4hrs!

When you book Tiffany McDonald Inc. and our Photo Booth for your event, you will stand out, generate more followers, create leads and best of all…see a return on your investment. Another way to maximize your online engagement is to add “Live Tweeting” to your event.  

Yes, you could rent a billboard on the side of the highway.  Everyone does that right?  Don’t you find yourself driving down the road and just looking at those and 5 minutes later, you can’t remember a thing you read on them?  Who can remember a phone number or a website address when you are going 65mph on your way to work?  By using our Photo Booth with an overlay, your company logo, website or phone number can be captured right on their social media and shared with all of their friends.  It also ends up in their online photo album so they can reference it later.

This is where we differ from traditional advertising, we actually connect you to your audience in a way that lets you reach out to them again and again. It’s time to start thinking outside the box and connect with your audience in a way that’s trackable.  Let’s book your next event:

Photo Booth Rental 1


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